Emocionante: John Cheever leyendo “El Nadador”

John Cheever reading one of his most famous stories, “The Swimmer” at 92nd Street Y on December 19, 1977. “The story was made into a film some of you may have seen,” Cheever remarked before he began to read. “It still runs on late-night television. I know because people always call me and say, ‘Hey, you’re in the movies!’ It’s usually about half past 11. . . . Here again the story has had an international success, and the various interpretations have always interested me. It’s very popular in Russia, for example, where there are almost no swimming pools and where almost nobody swims.”

“The Swimmer” Wallpaper de TCM

The Swimmer Wallpaper en TCM

El cameo de John Cheever ahora en YouTube