John Cheever’s House Is for Sale, and It’s a Bargain


Photo: Houlihan Lawrence

In February 1961, John Cheever, the celebrated writer, moved into 197 Cedar Lane in Ossining, New York. The home was financed by Jerry Wald (a movie producer), Mary Cheever’s savings, and a mortgage. For the first couple of months, wrote Cheever’s biographer, he “found it difficult to take possession of his new home and to enjoy it.” But he eventually grew to love the place, particularly for its proximity to the woods and the Hudson. (In the early 1970s, he taught writing classes nearby, at Ossining Correctional Facility.)

The Cedar Lane home would be Cheever’s last: “[H]e could not bring himself to leave the rooms he had painted and the soil he had turned.” He died there on June 18, 1982. Now it can be yours.

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New York Magazine
24 de junio, 2014
Elon Green

¡Gracias Jorge por la referencia!